Is there a difference between luxury vinyl plank and tile?

Is there a difference between luxury vinyl plank and tile?

So you’ve settled on luxury vinyl flooring for your next floor. Congratulations! We at Westbrook Floor Covering think that you’ve made an excellent choice for flooring. But now comes the decision. Plank? Or Tile? We get this question a lot; let's see if we can't help you out.


Luxury vinyl plank, or LVP as it’s also known, comes in long planks of varying widths. It depends on your preference as far as the length and width of the planks. LVP molds well to the subfloor, so you want a clean, smooth surface for the plank to meet.


Luxury vinyl tile, or LVT as it’s known, is different from LVP. It comes in a square format. It is usually stiffer and more rigid to the touch. In addition, you can get grout put down with the tile to enhance the visuals.


LVP and LVT are very similar in structure. They both have a top layer that protects against dents, scratches, nicks, and fading. This is part of the durability of the material. The wood-look usually is connected with planks, but tile can have a wood-look to it as well. The tile is usually stone, brick, or tile look. LVP has a plastic composite wood added to its core, while tile has a plastic composite core. The material is composed of PVC, a standard construction material that is entirely impervious to water. So LVP and LVT will not peel, warp, or curl when exposed to water.

The question: which one?

It ultimately comes down to your preference as a homeowner. Do you want a wood look? Or do you prefer stone or tile? Whatever your choice, we can deliver on it.

Let us help

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